Beginners Guide to Aeroponic Gardening

During times like these, knowing how to grow your own food is one of the most rewarding and valuable skills to have. Fresh fruits and vegetables picked straight ‘from the vine’ seem to always taste better than store-bought produce. This is likely because some produce in the U.S. can travel up to 1,500 miles before reaching your dinner table. Having the ability to grow fresh produce year-round ensures your food is fresh, clean, and delicious.

If growing your own food was easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? It’s true that traditional gardening involves cultivation and can take years to master. Fortunately, advancements in technology allow anyone—green thumb or not—to enjoy the benefits of a home garden.

Advancements like aeroponic technology, first introduced by NASA, relies simply on water and key nutrients, rather than soil. With automatic pumps and digital timers, these aeroponic gardens can yield plentiful harvests in a matter of weeks—indoors or outside—with little maintenance.

Find out how simple it is to go from seed to harvest with Tower Garden.

Choosing the Right Garden

If you’re looking for a time-sensitive, cost-effective introduction to indoor or outdoor growing, aeroponic gardening is a great place to start.

At Tower Garden, we offer two growing system options: Tower Garden HOME and Tower Garden FLEX. Each unit is designed with a specific grower in mind, but both can be used indoors or outdoors. Read about the differences between these two units—including the types of produce you can grow in each—here.


Before setting up your home garden, think about where it should go. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to assemble your garden close to a power source to ensure the automatic watering system does its job. If there’s no power source close by, use an extension cord to keep your garden running.

After finding the perfect location for your garden, it’s time to put it together. It only takes 30 minutes or less to assemble a Tower Garden. While directions are included with your unit, you can also watch our straightforward instructional videos:

Tower Garden HOME Assembly

Tower Garden FLEX Assembly

Buying, Transplanting, & Planting Seeds / Seedlings

Growers can either start their plants from seeds, which require germination to sprout before transplanting, or purchase seedlings, which are pre-sprouted seeds ready to transplant immediately. Learn a few techniques for growing healthy seedlings or find several sources for quality seeds and seedling providers. You may also be able to find common seeds at your local garden center.

See how simple it is to germinate seeds and transplant seedlings by watching this video:

Watch Now

Maintaining Your Garden

While traditional gardening methods require scheduled waterings and daily upkeep, maintenance for an aeroponic garden is more approachable.

Here is the sample maintenance routine we suggest to all Tower Gardeners:

  • Turn Daily (if growing outside): If only part of your Tower Garden receives sunlight each day, rotate the reservoir lid 1/4 turn in the same direction daily to achieve uniform plant growth. If you have a FLEX unit, a Tower Garden dolly makes this task much easier.

  • Monitor Weekly: Check your Tower Garden 1-2 times a week to ensure the pH level is within the recommended range, water temperature is between 65-85 degrees, and the reservoir is full.

  • Clean Monthly: Not only does a cleaning routine keep your aeroponic garden looking sleek, it also helps the garden run smoothly. Keeping the pump filter and shower cap clean will help your crops grow strong and stay disease free.

  • Trim Periodically: You’ll be amazed how quickly your plants—and their roots—grow! Prune plants and trim roots for a healthy garden.

  • Help When Necessary: Plants are relatively self-sufficient, but sometimes they need a little help. As you grow comfortable with your garden, understanding common mistakes and knowing how to avoid them will become second nature.

Harvest & Enjoy!

After a few weeks, your crops should be ready for harvesting. Don’t be intimidated! Harvesting with an aeroponic garden does not require a background in gardening. All you need is a steady hand and the right tools.

While each crop is harvested a bit differently and at different times, we have a few growing guides that will help.

Eat What You Grow

What’s the point of growing delicious fruits and vegetables if you don’t get to enjoy them? We love cooking with Tower Garden produce, so we created a cookbook with a few of our favorite recipes.

Check Out Our Cookbook

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