How to Grow an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Don’t let the weather or lack of outdoor space keep you from growing your favorite vegetables year-round. With the right tools, you can enjoy all the benefits of a thriving vegetable garden from the comfort of your home. Follow along as we share the benefits of an indoor vegetable garden and steps you can take to start one of your own. 

Benefits of an Indoor Vegetable Garden


Imagine having delicious, crisp lettuce available at your fingertips to create the perfect salad or fresh, nutritious spinach within arm’s reach to sauté with your favorite dish. There’s no denying  that having an indoor vegetable garden is convenient. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store. Have you ever had to run back to the grocery store for that one ingredient needed to complete your meal? With your own vegetable garden, you can ensure your home is fully stocked with the greens you eat most. You can grow a variety of vegetables and greens or even a themed garden!
  • Encourages Healthy Living. According to the CDC, fewer than 10% of Americans eat the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables. Having nutrient-rich greens inside your home lowers the barriers to healthy eating and serves as a reminder to get your daily dose of vegetables. Not to mention, it’s a great way to involve your kids in gardening and encourage them to eat more greens!

  • Brings Color and Character to Your Home. We love the way plants can change the way a home looks and feels, and vegetables are no exception. The presence of veggies can bring a healthy, earthy vibe to any residence. 

Steps to Grow an Indoor Vegetable Garden

1. Gather the Tools

The first step to enjoying the benefits of an indoor vegetable garden is to gather the essential tools and equipment. In most cases, this would consist of grow lights, pots, soil, gardening racks, and plenty of space around your home. With Tower Garden HOME, all you need is a power source, seeds, and roughly 4 square feet of space. 

Our soilless, aeroponic growing systems make indoor vegetable gardens easy to set up and simple to maintain. The Tower Garden HOME comes equipped with LED grow lights and 32 separate planting ports. With this kind of setup, the growing possibilities are endless. 

2. Find Space

Traditionally, indoor vegetable gardens require plenty of natural light. This forces gardeners to give up their windowsill space around their home or create a DIY alternative. Tower Garden makes it easy to find a home for your indoor vegetable garden by including all the necessary equipment in one vertical structure. 

Tower Gardeners continue to find creative ways to showcase their gardens around their home, from kitchens to studies. Need to rearrange your room? No problem, the Tower Garden HOME comes equipped with built-in wheels, making it effortless to move as you see fit. 

3. Plant Your Seeds

Once you have the necessary tools and find the perfect home for your indoor vegetable garden, it’s time to start planting your seeds. Vegetable seeds and seedlings can be purchased online

To begin growing, if you elect not to purchase seedlings, you will need to start your seeds before planting. There are online guides and instructional videos that can teach you how to do this. Once your seeds become seedlings, they are ready to be planted into your garden. 

4. Maintain Your Garden

Garden maintenance is essential to ensure your crops stay pest-free and grow to their full potential. From checking water levels to adding nutrients when the pH level is out of balance, it’s important to follow proper indoor gardening practices. Follow these five tips to ensure your indoor vegetable garden is a success. 

5. Harvest & Enjoy! 

Now comes the fun part - harvesting! Harvesting time depends largely on the produce you decide to grow and the conditions inside your home. To learn some simple steps for harvesting, view some of our How-To videos or check out some of the growing guides for specific produce included in your indoor vegetable garden.

Once harvested, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the fruits - or vegetables - of your labor. If you need some recipe ideas, download the Tower Garden Cookbook to see some of our favorite creations. 


Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas

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